Urban Surveillance

Urban surveillance presents a security challenge in its very scope. To guard a city against multiple threats, take on policing and citizen assistance roles, and be completely fail-safe requires technology and system architecture that is proven in multiple locations worldwide.  The ISS urban surveillance strategy is centered on the SecurOS "All in One" platform.  ISS urban surveillance incorporates a myriad of intelligent technologies that work independently and in conjunction to envelop a city within a "safety blanket".


The urgency of this solution on the scale of a city is caused by seriousness of the potential threats of safety, by scale and nature of their consequences. Urban system is considered as effective tool for warning and averting the possible threats of safety of the city:

  • terrorist
  • criminal
  • liability to city agencies
  • technological

Value Proposition

  • Classic networking system with IP video, audio, integration of other subsystem
  • Networks of unlimited scope (cameras, devices, systems, etc)
  • Intelligent Event Management Capabilities
  • Centralized Management and Storage
  • Multi Zone motion detection to pinpoint activity
  • Behavior Recognition and Object Tracking to target suspicious activities
  • Multiple methods of alarm notification - email, pager, telephone
  • Face Capture & Recognition for comparison with law enforcement databases
  • the automatic registration of transportation means on the entrances and the departures from the territory of the guarded objects and parking areas
  • the identification of automobiles, which are located in the search
  • detection in the places of the accumulation of people of potentially dangerous objects for averting the acts of terror



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